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Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An in and out week, and have you been to Ightham Mote?

There is something about sunshine in late September that makes you what to get out and about, the thought of winter weather on the horizon makes even the laziest of bones stir and set forth. We are very lucky here in Kent to have an abundance of National Trust properties. East of Sevenoaks, and just off the A227 is Ightham Mote.
'Ightham mote is a lovely 14th century medieval moated manor house. It is not grand but standing in a sheltered wooded cleft of the Kentish Weald it conjures up the history and atmosphere of 650 years ago, better than any other of its type.'

Still such a wonderful show, even this late in the year.

Something to puzzle a monkey.

We have a little less progress to show this week than I would hope. This has something to do with the fact that the area work was not liked in the light of day and was removed and reworked. I'm now quite happy, and really pleased that I did it! But let's hope that, that does not happen too often as it takes as long to take it out as to sew it in, in the first place.!!!

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