Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Monday, August 29, 2011

This is the progress, missing from last post!

As you see progress, this part of the post was going to be on the end of the last post, but it made the post to long to upload from this app!
Look at all the ends, don't worry they get worked in as I go, and the lose end cut off from the front.
I still can't say I know what I'm doing, still a little like running in the dark, but I am starting to get a feel for the colours and how I like to mix them, did I say I'm using 4 strands of stranded cotton?

I sometimes mix up to 3 colours in one thread, I have not used any colour/shade on its own, there's not enough room to do that, when you have to get from light to dark in the space of 4 stitches!

I hope to get my Ripple Blanket finished this week, so will be able to spend more time on this.

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Staycation and more progress.

This was our staycation week, so on top of our little mans birthday last week ( he is now the proud owner of a playmobil castle, which took me two hours to build!) we have been very busy.

We went to Rye in the rain, Rye is wonderful and in parts untouched by modern buildings. Below is Mermaid Street, it's beautiful, with cobbled street and timber framed houses, and the houses have great names too. The picture at the top is The House Opposite, there was also The house with two front doors, and The house with the seat!

We also went on The Swallow for a boat trip round Bewl water.

We had planned to go on the Kent and East Sussex railway, until the little man said he fancied going on an electric train, so we went on the Medway valley line to Strood and walked over to Rochester Castle.

That's Rochester cathedral from the castle.

What was to be the highlight of our week, was Wings and Wheels at Dunsfield. We went for one reason and that we to see The Vulcan, we had watched with concern, the week coming up to the show because the Vulcan was being repaired, but on the day it was fit to fly.

We kept up to date watching the twitter feed, she in the air we cheered, the ear defenders where on, they gave us the 4 minute warning, and then it was all cancelled. I can't tell you how disappointed we where. We'll get you next year Vulcan.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I've started at last!!

Yes I have started at last, I had to stop myself doing any more samples and make myself start!! I'm still at the stage where i don't really know how it's going, but the main thing is that we are under way. This is about 3 evenings work, at about a hour at a time, so I think that it grows quite quickly too. This is fun!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Badge making machine

This week has brought an unexpected excitement. A badge making machine, I say unexpected because I had not planned to buy it! But while on holiday we went to Holt, and there is a wonderful shop thats all full of handmade and vintage items. One thing they were selling were little embroidered button badges. I wanted to buy one but time ran out to go back to the shop.

But I have always wanted to make my own, so I started to search online for button machines, and found the little lovely you see above. It came with a cutter and 250 badges!

To make fabric badges you have to stick a label on the back of the fabric, this helps to stop the fabric stretching,and protects it from the metal edges on the badge front.

Then you pop a badge front into the machine with the fabric on top, then the silver ring and then the black bit. You lower the handle and the fabric and badge front get pushed into the ring. Then off comes the ring, which is moved on to the other press with a badge back already in place, one more press and,

Ta dah!!!


Look at the back, soooooooo neat.
Jenny x
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best holiday buy

This is our best holiday buy, a wonderful and individual appliqu├ęd picture by Lizzie Searle. It features tiny little button details, and a mix of patterned fabrics.

Thank you Holt for your lovely shops!!!!!!, great yarn shop there too called Les Tricoteuses, bought two balls of sock yarn.

This was the little piece of canvas I took away with me hoping to experiment with colour and mixes of thread, but the cottage was so dark that I had to give up on that idea. But now I'm home we are off the starter block!!! Just out of sight in this picture I have taken a little section of the flower to work, just checking out size.
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Day 5 & 6 Norfolk Holiday

Day 5 & 6 We went to the Georgian town of Holt, please go if you are ever in the area, and you like shopping!!!

Last day and a return of the sun, perfect for a visit to Sandringham.
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Day 4 Norfolk holiday

Day 4 Houghton Hall

Houghton Hall, home of the most beautiful tapestries I have ever seen, still as colourful as the day they where made.
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3 Norfolk Holiday

Day 3 Norwich

We went to a mustard shop, yes that right a whole shop devoted to mustard, purchases where made.
Hoped to buy some more yarn, having decided that the yarn I brought with me was not right for the pattern, had no luck, in fact in John
Lewis they did not know what sock yarn was!!!!
Did buy some lovely fabrics in Jarrolds well show later.

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Day 2 Norfolk Holiday

Day 2 Wells next the sea, the best beach in Norfolk, ( in my opinion, but not the world, that would be Mullaghmore beach Sligo, north West Ireland)

Baby off to find some more sand to eat.
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Day 1 Norfolk holiday

Sun, sea and sand at Holkham Beach, we collected a lot of shells, that all came home.

Try to do some samples on my canvas, but the cottage is really dark and have to give up. ( will never moan about 70's architecture again, at least they know how to design a big window)
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On holiday!

Well back from holiday really, we where supposed to have WiFi at our cottage, but that was not to happen. My intention to blog all through the week went out the window. So I will just do a round up this week. This blog post should really be called 'How to get two adults, three kids and a lot of junk (strike that out it should read a lot of essential items) to North Norfolk.

Yes that is full!!!!

But there is still room, tucked behind my seat and the child seat for a little bag of projects.
1. Yarn and pattern for a scarf.
2. Small piece of canvas and all stranded cottons to play with colours for canvas project.
3. Two magazines.
4. iPad
5. E reader uploaded with 3 books borrowed from the library.

Last of all for this instalment this is the lovely little cottage we stayed in, called Swift Cottage, pretty in pink.
That's all folks more later.
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