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Jam Pot Textiles

Monday, April 19, 2010

A little idea

I have been so busy doing other things, that I have had no time to do any blogging, plenty of time to look at other blogs ( love Little Cotton Rabbits and Attic 24 ) lots of time on mumsnet!!!, doing embroidery and lots of knitting, but no time for blogging. So at last I am making time to tell you what I have been doing, although writing this will take me days!!!!!!!
After making the little Ladybird brooch, I wanted to do some more small embroidery, so I thought that I would run with the brooch idea.

So I just put some calico in my ring frame, and used a pencil to draw on the rectangle.
Then drew lines that would form the wheat. I then decided that it was to big and cut it down!!!!(planning!!!)
I selected some lovely wheatie colours with a little green at the bottom, and blue at the top, and just started at the top and went with it. (who needs planning)
All done with a single stranded cotton.
Then trying to remember where the lines are I used 'trailing' to embroider in the main stem of the wheat.
Then three bullion knots formed the grain, and to make them show up a little better, just a little stitch of the terracotta behind.
To turn it into a brooch I had to finish the edge some how, and decided to use two rows of trailing, which enabled me to cut it out with out any other edging.

Just wish that my ring frame had not broken half way though, as this meant that I had to take the calico out of the frame to fix it, and as there was stitching on the fabric its impossible to get the lines straight again, but I had a little search on the inter web and found the perfect thing!!!! More when I have pictures.