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Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An in and out week, and have you been to Ightham Mote?

There is something about sunshine in late September that makes you what to get out and about, the thought of winter weather on the horizon makes even the laziest of bones stir and set forth. We are very lucky here in Kent to have an abundance of National Trust properties. East of Sevenoaks, and just off the A227 is Ightham Mote.
'Ightham mote is a lovely 14th century medieval moated manor house. It is not grand but standing in a sheltered wooded cleft of the Kentish Weald it conjures up the history and atmosphere of 650 years ago, better than any other of its type.'

Still such a wonderful show, even this late in the year.

Something to puzzle a monkey.

We have a little less progress to show this week than I would hope. This has something to do with the fact that the area work was not liked in the light of day and was removed and reworked. I'm now quite happy, and really pleased that I did it! But let's hope that, that does not happen too often as it takes as long to take it out as to sew it in, in the first place.!!!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enjoy the sun while we have it!

This weekend was an unexpected treat for us, with the sun making a late summer show.

We went to the park with our hairy hound, we did one circuit, then the kids went to play on the swings, the idea being that the dog and I would do another round of the park. But as his lord and master was chief swing pusher, he refused to move away from the gate to the swings, so there we stayed until they came out, silly boy!

Things are moving on at a steady rate, with the canvas work. It nearly slowed to a stop when I picked up an unfinished piece of knitting the other day and started to get back into that, but soon righted myself back onto the way of the canvas!

We had at last,and can you believe this, our first red tomato this week, middle miss got very excited, and wanted to wash and eat it straight away, or make it into tomato soup. I explained that I too am keen to make soup, but we may need to collect one or two more before that was possible!

We did add it into our Saturday supper, and had one of my favourite meals, a Waitrose recipe Pan-fried chicken. I don't cook for pleasure only to feed us, so follow recipes for almost all our meals. I have been collecting these Waitrose recipes since I first step in the store, and now have enough to fill 4 files ( they have gone all a bit Delia and Heston in resent times and my collection has slowed) but this meal has all that is good in food, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, wine and tomatoes, ahhhhhh heaven.

Jenny xxx
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Monday, September 12, 2011

What's happened to summer?

Summer seems to have suddenly ended! Autumn has snuck up. Autumn things are happening, the middle Miss had her birthday, Strictly Come Dancing has started, we are back to doing the school run, and the summer flowers have faded and been removed from the flowering baskets and replaced with winter ones.
See the before and after below.

The now four year old middle Miss and I have been busy this week, for Fred and India's birthday we had a 'Makey do' and had lots of makey things left, which included lots of beads. So it's been necklace and bracelet making all round. Do you like it, it's so lovely and colourful that I've worn it all week! :-)

As you see there has been some more progress on the canvas work, I'm working my way down the right side of the flower at the moment, ( I think I'm avoiding the middle petal, it quite complicated) Still enjoying myself!!

I have found that I've really missed the crochet, Something uncomplicated to get on with, when the kids are busy, or when I'm tired in the evening, so look what I've started!! What will it be! ;-)

Jenny x
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A moment of silence

To remember all who died on 9/11. This blog is silent today.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Something's finished

After months of hooky work, this week has seen the completion of the ripple blanket! I'm soooooooo pleased, and it has been worth every minute of effort.

Ohhhhh lovely.

I have also finished the first petal on the iris, there is some areas that, if I was to do it again, I would do differently, but on the whole I'm pleased. The colours are a lot pinker then the original flower, and that was my choice, I know that if I had used Appleton wool, we would have got a closer colour match. Looking forward to doing the really dark under petals.

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