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Jam Pot Textiles

Monday, September 12, 2011

What's happened to summer?

Summer seems to have suddenly ended! Autumn has snuck up. Autumn things are happening, the middle Miss had her birthday, Strictly Come Dancing has started, we are back to doing the school run, and the summer flowers have faded and been removed from the flowering baskets and replaced with winter ones.
See the before and after below.

The now four year old middle Miss and I have been busy this week, for Fred and India's birthday we had a 'Makey do' and had lots of makey things left, which included lots of beads. So it's been necklace and bracelet making all round. Do you like it, it's so lovely and colourful that I've worn it all week! :-)

As you see there has been some more progress on the canvas work, I'm working my way down the right side of the flower at the moment, ( I think I'm avoiding the middle petal, it quite complicated) Still enjoying myself!!

I have found that I've really missed the crochet, Something uncomplicated to get on with, when the kids are busy, or when I'm tired in the evening, so look what I've started!! What will it be! ;-)

Jenny x
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Hazel said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see some splended crochet and stitching going on. xx