Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Enjoy the sun while we have it!

This weekend was an unexpected treat for us, with the sun making a late summer show.

We went to the park with our hairy hound, we did one circuit, then the kids went to play on the swings, the idea being that the dog and I would do another round of the park. But as his lord and master was chief swing pusher, he refused to move away from the gate to the swings, so there we stayed until they came out, silly boy!

Things are moving on at a steady rate, with the canvas work. It nearly slowed to a stop when I picked up an unfinished piece of knitting the other day and started to get back into that, but soon righted myself back onto the way of the canvas!

We had at last,and can you believe this, our first red tomato this week, middle miss got very excited, and wanted to wash and eat it straight away, or make it into tomato soup. I explained that I too am keen to make soup, but we may need to collect one or two more before that was possible!

We did add it into our Saturday supper, and had one of my favourite meals, a Waitrose recipe Pan-fried chicken. I don't cook for pleasure only to feed us, so follow recipes for almost all our meals. I have been collecting these Waitrose recipes since I first step in the store, and now have enough to fill 4 files ( they have gone all a bit Delia and Heston in resent times and my collection has slowed) but this meal has all that is good in food, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, wine and tomatoes, ahhhhhh heaven.

Jenny xxx
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