Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Monday, October 13, 2008

Look I've been to Knitting and Stitches!!!!!!!
The first thing I bought came in the above bag, no prizes for guessing whats inside!

I got the funky chicken pinny, for my daughter, and the doll with a lime green dress, can't wait to get started on them, what a trip down memory lane. Long live Clothkits!!!

Also two bead work kits, one is a necklace, this kit is a beginners so I should be OK!, the other one is a advanced kit so I'm not so sure but I loved it so must that I'm prepared to give it a go.

Now the above did not come from Knitting and stitches, but our local shop, I loved the wool so much I had to find a pattern to go with it.
So that makes 6 projects and one on the go, time to make a list, and decide what to do first!!!, but I did see some lovely stump work at the show, and still really want to do something, I will just have to make it simple.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Here is the picture of the peacock cross stitch that I have been working on since year dot, I fear that its going to be a long time until I finish, I only managed 40 minutes this week, I did use up some of the time I had free trying to get a good picture of it!!!!

There is still more of the tree to do behind the peacock, and then a very decorative border.

Below is a picture of my lovely trestles, they where made by a Father of a old friend of mine. The uprights are needles and as you can see the cross supports are scissors. I don't always use them, but when you use a big slate frame you need the support.

And to finish, here we are walking over the little pebbles on the beach at Well-Next-Sea, look how sunny it is, and that's in September!