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Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Badge making machine

This week has brought an unexpected excitement. A badge making machine, I say unexpected because I had not planned to buy it! But while on holiday we went to Holt, and there is a wonderful shop thats all full of handmade and vintage items. One thing they were selling were little embroidered button badges. I wanted to buy one but time ran out to go back to the shop.

But I have always wanted to make my own, so I started to search online for button machines, and found the little lovely you see above. It came with a cutter and 250 badges!

To make fabric badges you have to stick a label on the back of the fabric, this helps to stop the fabric stretching,and protects it from the metal edges on the badge front.

Then you pop a badge front into the machine with the fabric on top, then the silver ring and then the black bit. You lower the handle and the fabric and badge front get pushed into the ring. Then off comes the ring, which is moved on to the other press with a badge back already in place, one more press and,

Ta dah!!!


Look at the back, soooooooo neat.
Jenny x
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