Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Friday, June 24, 2011

Canvas work. New project

So it's not been all ripple, ripple, ripple here, there has been a fair amount of thought about my idea to do some canvas work. I mentioned when I loaded the iris picture that I'd already silk shaded an iris much the same. Which is why I want to have a go with canvas work. I found today the drawings I did before I started the piece, ( i have the drawings and prickings of all my favourite pieces ) one done just in pencil, the other in colour. I will need to do the same with the new iris picture, it really helps. You can work out where the light is and how you will use you colours. What I could not believe was that I don't have a picture of the finish flower, only the shot below of me working on it.

While I was on the hunt for the above drawings I found this below, another half finished long abandoned sample. This was an odd request for a class that wished to do silk shading on canvas, not something that had been done before! But look it really works, I like the contrast between the squareness of the canvas stitches and the smooth silk shading, it's fun and maybe one day I will finish it!!!. It's worked on a 18 count canvas using stranded cotton, with Appleton's wool for the background. I would like to use stranded cotton for the new project and a 22 count canvas.

I often find that once I find a design I like, I then start looking at every thing just in case that will be a better design!!!!! So when the sun was shining today I darted out into the garden to hunt down lovely things, and as you see I did find some. But my garden will never be able to offer the beauties that we found at Great Comp.

I just need to purchase some canvas from Willow Fabrics and I can start.

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