Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Covering wooden beads

Last week I covered a wooden bead with more beads, the thought being that I would make some earrings with the result. But I was undecided whether to use this method or a needle lace covering.

The only way to decide is to try one, so here's how.
I have used three strands of stranded cotton. Pull yourself out a long length and put a knot in the end. Thread the needle though the bead and then though the knot in the thread, pull tight around the bead hiding the knot in the hole in the bead. I then wrapped the thread round the bead 8 more times.

Thread your thread around the top of the beads under the 8 wrapping threads.

Then start the needle lace. It's like a buttonhole stitch, make a loop take the needle under the ring of thread at the top, and pull up though your loop.great diagram here

Carry on round, taking your needles though the loops of the last round, try and catch the first wraps as you go round, this helps hold the lace tight to the bead. You will need to add in stitches by stitching twice into some loops to increase, and miss out some loops to decrease.

Don't Worry if you run out of thread, just thread the working thread under one of your first wraps and down though the hole. Then knot a new length, hide the knot in the hole in the bead, thread back down your foundation wraps up though the last loop you worked and off you go.

All done!

But which one will have a partner made? ( I can see myself having to go and buy another pair of earring loops)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen... I'm a designer myself (X's & Oh's), and I saw some buttonhole stitched beads in a woman's necklace at a show recently - but DN have time to talk to her about her technique... this has given me some ideas on ways to do it - thanx! Jo Gatenby