Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Sunday, July 17, 2011

A big week

At last I have finished the colour drawing of the iris, I had great fun completing this grown up colouring!!!!

Look all done.

So off I went to get some stranded cotton, I have stuck with Anchor, but only because that's what our local department store sells, so I can easily pop out and get some more, its hard to say how much I will use.

I will try out all the colours on the canvas later in the week, I hope. I have not worked out how many threads I will need to use yet, and will have great fun working out which colours will be mixed together :-)

I have only this week realised that the end of term is coming up, when did that happen? and no teachers gift even thought of, I have only had all year! So a quick think and a rummage around in the bead drawer and a necklace is in production.

We had a very special day on Tuesday when out littlest person had a birthday, her first year has gone so quickly, that I'm quite worried for the next 20 years!!! ;-}
Here she is helping with the picture of the Ripple blanket, which is so nearly finished, only 11 more colours to go, that's 22 more rows. But the thing is I have enjoyed this so much I think I'll miss it once it's finished!!

Jenny xx
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