Jam Pot Textiles

Jam Pot Textiles

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adding Insects

I have at last sewn down the flower and leaves of the stump work. The kit shows the flower on a little piece of ground, i was worried that i would not be able to finish the bottoms neatly, but it went a lot better then i thought and was able to finish of the bottom edge with buttonhole stitch to match the sides, and no hunk of ground needed to cover it up! I am so pleased that i used the silk, it makes it look so much better. I decided to add a butterfly, and having looked at the colours i had in my thread box, i could not resist the blue, so roughly copied a common blue butterfly. I firstly split stitched the darker lines in, and then using long and short, filled in the other areas.

The butterfly was finished of with a bullion knot and a couple of the smallest french knot i could manage!

Having enjoyed making the butterfly, i wondered whether i could add anything else, and as i have just treated myself to a set of clip on magnifiers, in an attempt to see as i did before the cataracts something small was in order, and what better than a ladybird, worked in four colour. black, two shades of red and a little light gray. But having worked him, I decided not to work one on the picture, and to turn this sample bug into a brooch!!!

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Elizabeth Braun said...

You have/had cataracts? Poor you! I hope you can get them fully sorted.

Your stumpwork is looking lovely and I love the ladybird.=) I did one like that a couple of years ago, although not stand-alone like yours.